Joe Cormier; Chéticamp; Acadian violin - Violon d'Acadie; Canada

Collection type:
Sound library 
Modal Pleinjeu 
Author / interpreter:

Joe Cormier; Edmond Boudreau

Music instruments:

violon; guitare

Class of music instrument:
Stringed -> Plucked 
Edition data:
MPJ 111022 
VI / 4 

1- Trois polkas. 3' 32'' 2- Silver wells / Happy go lucky clog/ Archie menzies reel/ Carney's canter reel. 4' 20'' 3- The Old Rocking Chair/ Corgarff Castle/ Tullochgorum/ Southwest Bridge Reel. 3' 16'' 4- Bobby Winston Reel/ Sean Maguire Reel/ Mac Donald Reel. 6' 19'' 5- Bonnie Lass o' Bon Accord/ Devil in the Kitchen/ Old King's Reel/ Beaton's from Mabou. 4' 57'' 6- Cape North Jig/ The Old Dutch Churn Jig/ Max MacDonald Reel. 6' 25'' 7- Sir William Wallace/ King George/ Old King's Reel. 4' 10'' 8- Suite de trois gigues: Kenloch Jig/ Squirrel in a tree/ Spin an' glow. 5' 19'' 9- Reel/ Lochearn Scottish Reel/ Sheehan Reel/ Scottish Reel. 3' 32'' 10- Mrs Scott Skinner March/ The Smith's a Gallant Fireman/ The Auld Wheel Reel/ Scottish Reel. 3' 14'' 11- Irish Jig/ Rergina Stubbert Jig/ Irish Jig. 6' 18'' 12- The Glories of the Star/ Banks Hornpipe/ The Trumpet Reel. 3' 14'' 13- Killiecranky/ Rothermish's Rant/ Haglis Reel/ Caber Frigh. 5' 46'' 14- Professor Blackie/ Dan's Favourite Strathspey/ Southern Melody/ Polo March. 5' 10''

Music type:

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