Egypt Égypte; Taqâsîm and Layâlî; Cairo Tradition; Taqâsîm et Layâlî; Tradition du Caire

Collection type:
Sound library 
Unesco Collection; Anthologie des Musiques Traditionnelles; 8038 
Author / interpreter:
Emaile ezberdinak Ibrahim el-Haggar; Wahbi Labib; Muhammad el-Arabi; The Takht Ensemble of Cairo; Ensemble Takht du Caire; Gomâa Muhammad Ali; Sami Nussair 
Class of music instrument:
Membranophones -> Stick-beaten drums
Membranophones -> Hand-beaten drums
Stringed -> Plucked
Aerophones -> Flutes -> Pan flute 
Edition data:
Unesco; Auvidis; D 8038; 1971; 1991 
I / 2 
1-Layâli & Mawwaâl. 14' 52'' Maqâm Bayâtî. Ibrahim el-Haggar, voice / chant. Sami Nussair, quânun. 2-Taqsîm Bayâtî. 5' 11'' Wahbi Labib, nây. Muhammed el-Arabi, req / riqq. 3-Samâ'î El-¡Aryan. 4' 09'' The Takht Ensemble of Cairo / Ensemble takht du Caire. 4-Taqsîm Bayâtî. 13' 30'' 'Ud solo by Gomâa Muhammad Ali / Solo de 'ûd par Gomaâ Muhammad Ali. 5-Taqsîm Farah-Faza. 8' 34'' Sami Nussair, quânûn. Muhammad el-Arabi, req / riqq. 6-Darabukka Solo. 3' 58'' By / par Muhammad el-Arabi. 
Music type:

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