Bolivia Panpipes; Syrinx de Bolivie; Quechua Music; Musique Quechua; Aymara Music; Musique Aymara; Musics for Pan-pipe from the Province of La Paz; Musiques de Flûte de Pan du Départemente de La Paz

Collection type:
Sound library 
Unesco Collection; Musiques et Musiciens du Monde; 8009 Auvidis 
Author / interpreter:
[Emailerik ez da ezagutzen] 
Class of music instrument:
Idiophones -> Struck -> Directly
Membranophones -> Stick-beaten drums
Aerophones -> Flutes -> Pan flute 
Edition data:
Auvidis; Unesco; D 8009; 1987 
I / 2 
1. Yaku Kantu; 3'05 2. Tika Tika; 2'40 3. Yuyarikuy Kantu; 2'45 4. Kacharpaya Kantu; 3'24 5. Kanchitu; 2'28 6. Komer Chakra; 2'35 7. Chakipacha; 2'36 8. Akamani; 3'36 9. Baile Chiriwano; 1'35 10. Danza de los Kuthuris; 5'35 11. Huayno de los Kunthuris; 1'35 12. Danza Laquita;11'25 a. danza b. Loas c. Llano 13. Kacharpaya; 2'15 
Music type:

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